Hardy-Weinberg Calculations

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      I have a certain number of allele groups and have to solve for the p-value. (the one after solving for chi, not the frequency for the dominant genotype) For example, I have 60 AA 12 Aa and 6 aa in one group. I understand that I have to solve for p and then derive q from p + q = 1; solving for p by doing 2*60+22 / (2*80) and then get q for the expected numbers for each allele frequency but then I get confused. How do I solve for the chi^2 value which will lead me to the p-value? Also, I don’t really understand how to get the expected values either, it’d seem to me whatever the genotype of something is as long as the population is the same wouldn’t the expectations be the same? Not too sure about this subject since I’ve only recently been exposed to it.

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      Hi, is this topic still up-to-date?
      Or did you find a solution yet…

      I can provide you with a solution on this and HW in general if needed

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