Has Anyone here ever read "The Selfish Gene"

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      I’m hoping to find a forum where the participants are familiar with Richard Dawkins ‘Selfish Gene’ and enjoy conversation about natural selection. I have many questions and answers that are inflammatory at best and challenging at worst. After reading a number of the posts on this site I am not certain who the particpants are and from what viewpoint they stand. I guess I’m asking for reviews of this site to determine if it is appropriate to my interests.

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      What are your questions? What are your interests?

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      Kinda old…

      I have it sitting on my bookshelf and I read the first few pages, but haven’t got into it yet.

      I’ve read Genome and The Red Queen by Matt Ridley (who I love)

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      read it, understand it, love it. As far as revolutions of evolutionary biology, this work did nearly as much as Darwin’s Origin of Species. There are many previously unsolved enigmas such as the enigma of the aphid and it’s poo (it eats its parents poo to injest the bacteria there to enable it to digest cellulose) which are solved. Dawkins writes so a schoolboy can understand it, but explains problems that the world of science has had problems discussing for ever. It is similar to Stephen Hawkins’ “a brief history of time” – easy to read with some immensely complicated ideas in it (which are made easy).

      what are the questions?

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      Sounds like a great book. I doubt i can find it here though…

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      i read it but not in english^^””””
      it is really a good book to try to explain the phenomenon of evolution~ it’s just great!
      i also hope to discuss it..but my eng is very bad…and i can’t remeber the meaning and speling of biological terms….
      but i do really recommend this book to people who are interested in evolution!!

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      yes, i have. and also the “extended phenotype” by dawkins and “darwin’s dangerous idea” by dan dennett, not a biologist but a philosopher. he takes the concept of natural selection way out beyondbiology and into cosmology, philosophy, psychology and much more. its my favourite book ever.

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