HCG Diet – Excellent Idea Or Not necessarily?

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      There isn’t any good physiological reason why a HCG diet would work.

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      The HCG diet is not a diet. By definition diet is a pattern of eating that may be influenced by culture, accessibility, or otherwise personal choice. Diet has become a misnomer wording to mean when people are trying to lose weight, but it really means when anyone makes a selective choice about what they consume.

      The HCG treatment involves the injection of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. The idea of injecting this hormone came from the birth control where women are given an artificial does of human hormones to mimic a natural physiological response. Birth control pills work by many ways but that is not the point of this topic. The compound HCG is normally made by a developing embryo and soon after the placenta. The word chorionic comes from the chorion membrane that surrounds the baby and separates it from its mother. The chemical is made during the pregnancy to go out into the mother’s blood where it will act upon the pituitary, ovaries, and other glands in the body leading to a huge number of interactions. The one that you are looking at is increased lipolysis (increased breakdown of fat) which is presumably a good thing because it leads to lots of free fatty acids in the blood stream that will go to the developing embryo/fetus. Those fatty acids will be used in a multitude of ways to construct cell membranes, cell signals, etc.

      The idea works and HCG does work as an activator of lipolysis in the human body (very well actually). However, this chemical is normally made during pregnancy. It plays with the levels of many other hormones that are affected by birth control. The hormones affected may cause you to grow unpleasant amounts of hair, lose the ability to reproduce, or a multitude of other bad effects not yet studied. The point is we don’t have a clear understanding of how HCG affects the human female body in the long term and if it won’t cause very detrimental effects. There are better ways to lose fat that a registered dietician or NCSA/ACSM certified personal trainer can help you with.

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      Much better if we take nutritious food and exercise daily than to take HCG Diet. DIET, means Nutrition in relation to our food.

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      Every food sometimes can’t provide human daily all the necessary nutrition elements, then a variety of vitamins can for even the most careful patrons to fill gaps in nutrition. Please choose a card-carrying member of the vitamins.

      If every day you eat red meat, such as red meat, fish or several times a week to try chicken can improve your cholesterol level. Also, you can also change from cream to Gan pulls oil.

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