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      I’m a fine art student shifting to study Environmental Sciences and Ecology for my undergraduate studies next yr. I never took Biology or any science subject in my O/A levels.

      Can anybody please tell me what subjects will I need to study (in only one year) to prepare for Ecology studies?

      Biology (O/A levels)
      Chemistry (O/A levels)
      Physics (O/A levels)
      Mathematics (O/A levels)
      Economics (O/A levels)

      I need to choose only those subjects that will be possible and right to study within one year to apply for the university. Thanks a lot!


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      I suggest you take Biology and Chemistry. These subjects will be really useful if you’re willing to study Ecology. They’re related and completed e.o

      Maths and Physics are not neccesary… The analogy of science I have is "Biology-Chemistry and Maths-Physics" Bio-Chem is totally different than Maths-Phys 🙂

      Economics? It’s up to you :p

      Hope this’ll help you. Good luck…

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      sorry, not really. If you want to study ecology, you will need to know
      1. biology
      2. a little chemistry- chemical cycles and such
      3. a lot of math, especially probabilities, statistics and analysis.

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      I agree with Mr. Know your Biology and know your Math. Math honestly makes everything happen even if you are working a field in Biology. Good Luck.


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      I suggest you to have Biology and Math.
      Biology has chapters relate to Chemistry and Physics. Different from pure Chemistry and pure Physics, the ones in Biology chapters are not too detail, only some that relates to living things and their environment 😉

      Economics can be taken later 8)

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      Hey thank you all so much!! I am convinced now to study the combination of Biology and Mathematics to start with. I’ll study Chemistry a little side by side! And subjects like Economics should probably be ok to study later:)

      Thanks again!! That was great help! I’m getting started as soon as possible:)

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      Biology and maths would be good, but also I would definately recommend Geography – it really helps in some ways!


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