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      I need to find a really fun, inspiring and also useful experiment to kick off a biology club with.

      It’s a club for 11 to 18 year olds, although my hunch is that most participants will be 15 years old or below.

      I’ve had quite a thorough look around on the internet for some experiments but all I’ve found so far are dull experiments or very poorly documented ones.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Participant … ents2.html

      Don’t know whether any of these will be of use.

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      Well, the response would depend a lot on what equipment your club has, and also on what your budget is. Do you have access to standard lab chemicals?

      I was thinking a good experiment might be enzymes and their activity over temp.

      You could use starch add amylase, run several samples at different temps like 0 deg C
      37 deg C and 45 deg C.

      Add Benedict’s solution and test for reducing sugars.

      You could also bring a sample to 45 deg C, let it cool to room temp and then test for reducing sugar. This would test for reversal denaturing.

      Maybe this is too basic. But thought it would be easy as all you need is:

      • Potato
        Benedict’s solution
        Coolers with ice
        Test tubes
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