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      “Adrenalviruses” are fictional ss – strand DNA viruses that infect the kidneys.

      Your life cycle should be as complete as possible, and include information such as:
      Does it have an envelope? How big is its genome? How many copies of the genome in its capsid? Does the capsid contain any enzymes? How does the virus enter the host cell? How is its genome replicated? Does it encode its own polymerases? Which ones? Where does it replicate its genome? Where is the virus assembled? How does it get out of the cell? How does it get to the kidneys? What other tissues could it infect? How is it passed from one person to another? Are there any features that help this virus avoid the immune system?

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      yesterday I met an adrenal virus, he bought me dinner

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      I guess you’re supposed to write that, are you not?

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