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      what’s up fellas ? i have signed up this site today while i have been doing more researches about the earth and
      iam really very stressed out because i have a biology test on monday , more imporantely everything about how the earth . and i know nothing about it , so i need a little help wich concerns the earth , specially these >>>
      1)what is the nature of scientific explanation of how the Earth formed?
      2) what does the earth consists ? , ( and details about the earth soil ,? SURFACE OF THE GROUND,? Earth’s structure ?
      3) what is a mineral? and how they were found
      4) what is a rock? and how it formed , the rock cycle

      plz i need a further details about everything above , iam only a 16 yrs old and what i mostly marvaled at is i don’t understand the text of the book , too much things to read , so i need the whole thing in a pacakge if it’s possible , thank you very much , i will appreciate the help 😐

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      Do your homework. I won’t do it for you, you bum.

      I will give you a hint

      1) Think nebula
      2) Think of onion- layers, I will give you one – lithosphere

      that is all you get

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      if you want the rock cycle look up your geogaphy book

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      what ! it’s not my home work , the teacher told me that the test will look like this , and the most interogations will be concerning about the earth , i know i have to do my own lessons , but how am i supposed to do it when i have been away from classes in almost 1 month due to sickness . the teacher told me to read the whole book front and back , but im having trouble to understand , rock cyckle and the earth profil . How the hell do they work i didn’t understand a sh!t of it .
      just be a sympathy and help me out on THE EARTH ones , Im gonna die of stress soon, . I swear down .

      will apreciate if you guys could share your knowledge

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      You’re going to need to be more specific in your questions. For example –what is a mineral? That’s a basic definition question. I don’t know how to explain it any more plainly than what your book or wikipedia could.

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      Well dramma, I think you would like to open up a thread here that would make everybody willing to give all their effort to justify their explanations. Isn’t it great? what do you think?

      Think about this, how come the people from the past got interested knowing Earth further? what were the situations before that made them even more curious?

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      It will be difficult for anyone here to give you helpful information without more specific questions. If the textbook is confusing you, there’s a strong chance that our answers to your general questions will also confuse you. If you could get into specifics more, we may be able to simplify and analogize for you.

      this link may help … to_geology

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