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      You hope to study a gene that codes for a neurotransmitter (NT) protein in human brain cells. You know the amino acid sequence of the protein – how do you: A) identify the genes expressed in a specific type of brain cell, b)ID the gene for the NT, c)produce multiple copies of of the gene, and d) produce a quantity of the NT for evaluation as a potential medication.

      any help?? im lost on this one…but if I had to take a guess… for b) look up sequence in worldwide database? im lost on the others… Thanks


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      a. Genes produce proteins and also mRNA. If only there was some way to isolate that and amplify+sequence it.

      b. You don’t need a worldwide database, a human one would work.

      c. lookup shotgun sequencing

      d. cell cloning.

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      A/ RT-PCR and Human DNA chip
      B/ what mith said
      C/ PCR with primers based on B/
      D/ cloning in bacteria or if post transcriptional modifications are needed in another eukaryotic system (yeast, plants or insect cells)

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