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      Which statement(s) is/are true about pseudoscience?
      A) Pseudoscience is approximately the same as nonscience.
      B) Pseudoscience does not involve testable hypotheses.
      C) Pseudoscience misuses scientific methods, often to confuse or mislead the public.
      D) All of the above. As currently written both B and C are correct.

      It says that the correct answer is C. I thought it was all of the above…

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      And this one too.

      Which statement(s) is/are generally considered to be true by the scientific community?
      A) Eventually science will be able to provide answers for all the problems facing humanity.
      B) Science is limited by the ability of people to interpret information.
      C) The scientific method can be applied to all types of situations.
      D) All of the above.

      It says C is the answer.

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      Yeah, those don’t seem like very good answers, but often you’re stuck by the prejudices of the question writers.

      A dictionary might disagree, but it seems like the general idea of pseudoscience fits nonscience, and it does often involve testable hypotheses – often tested and falsified, but testable.

      I’m all for the scientific method, but it seems naive to think it can be applied to all types of situations – ask people who use it on their love lives…

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