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      Ok so Im having trouble performing the test. Basically, I’m testing the intraspecific interaction between two algae species. I have data for algae count for species 1, species 2, species 1 (mixed with 2) and Species 2 (mixed with 1) I got the density per ml each week. Ive been counting every week for a total of 3 weeks. How would I be able to do the t-test?

      I was thinking of doing a t-test of species 1 count alone vs. species 1 count when mixed with 2. Then do a separate t-test of species 2 alone vs. species 2 when mixed with 1. If either gives a p < 0.05, it suggests the count is significant different when mixed than when alone.

      Any other tips?

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      The analysis method seems ok. Just one question thing that confused me. Is species 1 (mixed with 2) not the same as species 2 (mixed with one)?

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