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      Heya guys. I’ve created a new business idea, a high protein gum.
      Basically I want you to find possible flaws with it, tell me if you think overall if it’s a good idea, and provide me with some smartass stuff I can use when presenting my idea to some people.
      The simple concept is a high protein gum which will be used mainly by gym goers, people who are working out, possibly people doing sports if there’s no choking hazard.
      The gum, when being made will have high protein powder put in it so the taste isn’t affected much, if at all, alternatively it could have a soft fluidly centre (Like the trident gum with the soft centre) which is flavoured along with the protein so that it doesn’t leave a weird taste in your mouth.
      The gum won’t be a substitute for food or drink, it will simply mean whilst working out you have something to chew on which will be providing you with extra protein, obviously more the better when working out. As it’s used for muscle growth and repair blah blah..
      It will mean food can be delayed till the end of the workout so as to keep the gym goer concentrated.
      Water will still need to be drunk during working out but possibly less?
      Thanks a lot for listening and helping out.

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      so what are you asking for?

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      Basically to read over what I wrote, find any flaws, see if you think it’s a good idea, add some ideas to it to make it more sound.

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      i heard they made this already

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      There is a protein gum. But nice idea, there is not many competitors, so all the best with that. 🙂

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      Haha it will sell well to the common people who don’t understand human nutrition. Just like selling whey protein (a waste product of cheese production) to athletes as a sport nutrition supplement. Love it.

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      Well, if you’re looking to make a quick buck, slap some slick marketing on it and sure, you’ll make some money. If you want to create a product that actually works, I’d try something else. I get really sick of so many crap medicines and supplements on the market which make claims that are not supported by the scientific evidence. It’s dangerous and irresponsible. Airborne, for example, has become a household name thought to be a cure for the cold or at least a preventative measure. It’s nothing more than a multivitamin, and often has unsafe levels of certain vitamins in it. Its claims have not been proven and I will not take any supplements that do not have actual evidence to back up their safety and efficacy.

      http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/ind … -industry/

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      -For one you can’t really have a sport that isn’t a choking hazard (except from lazy sports)
      -You still need fibre, carborhydrate etc… to be at your best
      – The powder may not effect taste but will effect texture which is just the same of a put off as the taste!!


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      Really high protein gum? Is it to exercise and eat less I guess?

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