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      There are many names for ELISA kits , such as: ELISA test kits, ELISA kits, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits, enzyme-linked immunoassay kits, enzyme immunoassay kits, etc. The relatively common name is ELISA test kit, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit and so on. Elisa biological test is an experimental diagnosis method with high sensitivity, strong specificity and good reproducibility. Elisa kits have been widely used in various fields of immunological testing, for its stablity, easy to store, easy to operate, and more objective in result judgment.

      The basis of ELISA is the immobilization of antigen or antibody and the enzyme labeling of antigen or antibody. The antigen or antibody bound on the surface of the solid-phase carrier still maintains its immunological activity, and the enzyme-labeled antigen or antibody retains its immunological activity and enzyme activity. During the measurement, the test specimen (the antibody or antigen in the measurement) reacts with the antigen or antibody on the surface of the solid-phase carrier. The antigen-antibody complex formed on the solid phase carrier is separated from other substances in the liquid by washing. Then the enzyme-labeled antigen or antibody is added, and it is also bound to the solid-phase carrier through the reaction. At this time, the amount of enzyme on the solid phase is proportional to the amount of test substance in the specimen. After adding the substrate of the enzyme reaction, the substrate is catalyzed by the enzyme to become a colored product. The amount of the product is directly related to the amount of the test substance in the specimen, so qualitative or quantitative analysis can be carried out according to the intensity of the color. Due to the high catalytic efficiency of the enzyme, it indirectly amplifies the result of the immune response and makes the assay method highly sensitive. ELISA can be used to test antigens and antibodies.

      1. Efficient, sensitive and specific antibodies;
      2. Stable repeatability and reliability;
      3. Solid phase carrier with good adsorption performance, low blank value and high transparency at the bottom of the hole;
      4. Applicable to various specimen types such as serum, plasma, tissue homogenate, cell culture supernatant, urine, etc.;
      5. Save experimental expenses.

      There are so many elisa kits manufacturers with uneven product quality. It’s very important to choose reliable elisa brand to ensure elisa quality. Wuhan Fine Biotech is a professional elisa kit supplier, its elisa kits are selling well all over the world.There are currently 1000+ species including rats, rabbits, dogs,sheep, and so on ,which can meet experimental needs of biological researchers. If you want to know more, welcome to visit the web:www.fn-test.com

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