Hmm… Maybe a kind of Shield Bug?

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      This afternoon, at around 6, me and a friend decided to go look for some reptiles. We reached an abandoned house, and I spotted what I thought were shield bugs at first. There were 3 of them, they were white, round, and small. Their shape is like that of a shield bug, but its eyes are rather different! Also, the wings weren’t marked as usual. Then, I spotted two others, this ones were bigger and green. Probably adults of the same specie.


      Two more: … otostream/ … otostream/

      Adult maybe?


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      What about some true bug?
      This one look quite similar, don’t zou think?
      Try to search this:

      Or you can just upload it there and wait untill someone will recognize 😉

      ah, now I see, what shield bugs actually are 🙂
      so, yeah, I haven’t helped much… 🙁

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      These are shield-bugs, but they’re nymphs, rather than adults, hence the odd appearance. Pentatomid bugs of this type are often known as parent bugs, as they adults remain with their offspring for some time after hatching, defending them and leading them to food – typically insect larvae, such as caterpillars. If you’re lucky, you can see several several nymphs all gathered around a withered caterpillar they’ve sucked dry with their piercing rostra.

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