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      what is paretnal testing?
      natural selection?
      energy transfer?

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      Yu seem desperate and poorly prepared. Reading your textbook would be a good starting point. Our tutorials could help too.

      For your questions, we have a search engine, I am pretty sure you will find some detailed answers about the same subjects in the archives. But looking for Karyotype will probably yield more answers than karyitype 😉

      But briefly: parental testing is linked to your genetics courses, as well as the karyotype (chromosome map in a way).
      Energy transfer can be used either to describe some biochemical fuction of the cell or transfer of energy between the different levels of an ecological chain. And natural selection is the basic of the theory of evolution.

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      do some searches…!†

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      I’m in agree with Canalon and LilKim. Search in the tutorials, in Wikipedia or in other sites of the world wide web. They aren’t difficult terms and I’m sure you’ll find quickly the answers.

      If you don’t find the answers, ask again ;). We’ll answer you ;). But firstly you have to learn how to get information from bibliographic references (it is a requisite to be a scientist :)).

      See you! 😉

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