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      The policy on this forum about homework seems to need clarification:

      If you did not research before you ask your question there will be no answer, but sarcasm and maybe warnings. Nobody learn by copying an answer from the net without thinking about it. Besides, who knows how knowledgeable is the person answering your post is?
      On the other hand, we will gladly help if you have problems because your research (from the internet or your text book, the important is not wher it comes from, but that you have done some research) only lead to unclear/ambiguous/conflicting answers. We will discuss, argue, look for sources and guide you in the way.
      But the onus is on you to prove that you did some research. Something as simple as " I think the answer is…(because.., am I right?) OR (but I have doubts because…)" or "I found this and that and that does not really make sense…" is enough.

      So be warned, and be afraid, be very afraid if you break this rule. We look nice but we can bite (ban?).

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      Does everyone in the world but me know about Basically it’s a website that includes as many answers to textbook homework problems as they can possibly put together. As far as I can tell it works on a Wiki system, where members submit the various solutions, although there are apparently also “expert” solutions. Odd-numbered solutions are available for free, but you have to pay to see the even numbers. Nothing there for my GR book, although there were some for Jackson’s E+M book, and plenty for Halliday/Resnick etc.

      Not really sure what to think about sites like this. Part of me (a big part, actually) couldn’t care less about whether students do their homework, and for that matter thinks that grading is a complete waste of time. What matters is whether or not the students have learned the material, not how they perform on some formalized exercises. If they get perfect grades but don’t learn anything, ultimately they’re the ones who will suffer; even if they get into a better grad school thereby, they’ll just find that their fellow students are much better prepared than they are.

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      I totally agree with you that grades don’t reflect 100% what a student knows, but you do need to evaluate that somehow. And, although you may be able to cheat the system sometimes, on average a student with a 3.9 average did a little bit more studying than one with a 2.5 average.
      For example, my college still assigns homework in math for every course, but every night they have what they call the math question center where you can go and they will help you with questions you find hard. So if you want to, you will get high marks. If you ask me this working every day is a much better indicator of how much math you know than what you do on 3 exams/semester.

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      It is about homework forum.In this they tell how to do the homework.

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      exactly. my point was that such projects don’t really do much good.

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      whatevs, as long as we understand we’re fine, right? ❓

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