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      we are doing a research project on ATP. we need to know what is ATP? What is the source of energy for ATP and how does it work? What happens to ATP after it is used? What is used ATP called? Can ATP be recharged? What does the cell use ATP for? What kind of work can ATP do?

      if you have any info or websites please let us know!

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      ATP is a chemical substance that the cell uses to store energy(it stores energy in the bonds between phosphates groups, and releases it at hidrolysis). Search the forum for the chemical formula(search button)
      ATP is formed in cellular respiration. Google “cellular respiration for details”
      ATP releases energy and turns into ADP(loses A phosphate), or in some cases it can lose 2 phosphates and turn into AMP
      Yes, it can be recharged. ADP turns into ATP in cell respiration
      ATP is needed for all active methabolic processes. As for the kinds of work, search button again. It was discussed a few weeks ago if i remember correctly.

      Search the forum with the search function, try our tutorial, and GOOGLE!!
      Ask us if you don’t understand something..
      Good luck!

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      Hi emmabarrie,

      Answers to most of your questions can be found at

      "What kind of work can ATP do? "
      ATP is like fuel, so the kind of work it can be used for depends on the type of machine you load with this fuel (in case of ATP: on the type of enzymes it binds to).
      Myosin uses ATP to make mechanical work; ion pumps use ATP to make transmembrane concentration gradients, etc.

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