How does human growth work?

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      I’ve recently turned 17. I’m 181cm tall, which is a bit sad considering that my father was 188cm (now he’s a bit shorter due to his age), his father (my grandfather) was 186cm and his father (my grandgrandfather) was 184cm. I even found a formula that should estimate the height one should reach based on the heights of one’s parents. The formula said to add the heights of parents, add 13 cm if you’re a boy or subtract 13 cm if you’re a girl and then divide by 2. My mother is about 172 cm tall, so with those numbers the result was, that I should reach a height of 186.5 cm. The problem is that I haven’t been growing since like a year ago. I’ve also read that it’s possible to stun growth by not having enough nutrition. This may be the case since when I was about 14 I did a 1500kcal a day diet for 3 months, so basically I was constantly hungry for 3 months and I lost about 10kg. The only sport I practice right now is lifting and a bit of running and stuff on the PE classes. Is it possible I may have stunned my growth with that diet? If so, is it possible that now when I’m getting enough nutrition and exercise my body will realize that and proceed with the growth or am I doomed? Until what age can I grow?

      Thank you for your answers 🙂

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