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      Hey guys,

      Well, I’ve got nothing else to do at the moment so I thought I would work on something I’ve been working on for quite a while:

      Currently, my diagnosis is Temprole lobe Epilepsy, the last document I could find has my cause as “unknown’ but I do know that I lost a lot of documents when the floods come through where I am over 10 years ago.

      From what I do know I was given penicillin which is normally only given for some kind of bacterial infection which makes me think the cause is related to either Meningitis or encephalitis or maybe even both.

      I also know that there were two major Tonic-clonic seizures before I was officially diagnosed with epilepsy.

      I’m not looking for any new diagnosis I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the two Meningitis or encephalitis, how I may have got it or both and what the link is between these and Epilepsy.

      Thank you.

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