How to know the sequence of specific gene and producing it ?

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      we have a human gene of 500 bp which is responsible for production of a specific antibody for a certain infection

      we need
      1. to know its sequence
      2. produce it commercially as a pure human antibody to use it as treatment for this infection .

      what are the techniques i have to use to achieve this goals .
      in detail plz as much as u can

      many thanks for every 1thinking to help me.

      d lofi

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      are you for real? If a gene is just 500 bp you can just sequence it directly (dideoxy method allows for an 800 bp fragment to be sequenced).
      To produce it commercially is a lot tricker, hybridoma cells are probably the way to go. unfortunately because antibody molecules are so big and complex (and as a consequence so much larger than 500 bp) you can’t just put them in E.coli and wait for the bugs to make it, like you can do with insulin

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      Ok, here’s what you do: sequence the human DNA which has already been done.
      2. Build a supercomputer capable of performing LOTS of calculations.
      3. Design an optimized program for predicting gene products based on the DNA sequence.
      4. Design another program to fold the proteins from #3 into the correct shape. Don’t forget VDJ rearrangements!
      5. Use a dock program to fit a model of the antibody to the proteins from #4.
      6. Take the best match from #5 and that’s your sequence.

      To produce the antibody, just use supercomputer from #2 to build a replicator.

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      mith: that’s some kind of joke?

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      Are you saying it wouldn’t work?

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