How to measure cell pearmability/uptake in yeast?

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      I am currently trying to figure out how I can measure the effect a chemical (A) has on yeast with it’s ability to take up another chemical(B).
      No one to my knowledge is working on these chemicals hence not mentioning them lol.

      I was just wondering if there is a way to measure if the yeast has become more permeable and so take up more from their surroundings or if they have just become more permeable to a specific chemical.

      My ideas are to add a dye to the media the yeast are growing on and see if the yeast with the promoter of permeability chemical (A) uptake more of the dye than ones without the promoter chemical. Then if the ones cells are darker which grew up with (A) then it would show that (A) does increase cell permeability.

      Another idea would be to somehow attach a fluorescent tag or even light emitting tag to the the chemical (B) and then measure either the amount of light given off or just view and see if the cells with (A) are brighter than cells without (A).

      I hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks for any help or ideas

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      Normalizing amount of dye or fluorescence is kinda difficult. You might have to do quite a few trials.

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