How to solve Allele Frequencies?

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      I understand the Hardy-Weinberg principle, and I’ve done multiple word problems on it, but I’m just stumped on this one. I’ve got a big feeling that I’m really over thinking this because it looks fairly simple. I truly do not know how to go about this.

      "In a diploid grasshopper population of 50 individuals, if there are 40 recessive alleles, what is the frequency of dominant alleles? (Be sure to show your work.)

      In the same grasshopper population, what would you expect to be the genotypic frequencies in the next generation if it were in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? (Show your work.)"

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      I guess you have 100 alleles total, right? (50 diploids) and 40 of them are recessive, how many are dominant?

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      can’t be put in a way more precise and easier. MR. sarcastic. 😛
      😆 😆 😆

      jackbean is right.
      but what didn’t you understand here. that’s more important don’t get any basic concepts wrong please. 🙂

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