human foreskin stem cells

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      The transcription factor Oct 4 is required for the maintenance of stem cell pluripotency and self-renewal, and activity of Oct 4 is essential for the identity of the pluripotent founder cell population in the mammalian. Recently we found that the cells from adult foreskin subcutaneous tissue stably expressed Oct 4 under the condition of no additional cytokines in the medium. Isolated foreskin cells could be stably passaged and rapidly proliferated. Foreskin cells stably expressed not only Oct 4, but also pluripotent stem cell marker Nanog, Rex 1, Sox 2 and Nestin by RT-PCR analysis. Meanwhile Oct 4 expression in foreskin cells was also validated by immunofluorescence and western blotting assay. When passage 12, Oct 4-positive foreskin cells were 94.00 % by flow cytometer analysis. After green fluorescent protein regulated by the Oct 4 promoters was introduced into foreskin cells, adult foreskin cells activated Oct 4 promoter to strongly expressed green fluorescent protein. In addition, foreskin cells had the plasticity of stem cell, under the condition of inducement by DMSO treatment, neurofilament in foreskin cells was expressed by immunofluorescence assay. Foreskin cells stably express Oct 4 and other stem cell markers and have the characteristics of stem cell, so foreskin cells as a Oct 4 -expression model are studied on relationship of Oct 4 and other stem cell markers, also as a novel stem cell source are used to human regenerative medicine.

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