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      My Mother showed me a short article she read today entitled "The Truth about Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long." After reading the article I was skeptical about what was stated. It was, after all, on a .com site. I have never heard of hair acting as a "sixth sense" to pick up environmental movements, noises, or disturbances of any kind. I would appreciate any input on this topic as I have not been able to locate any scholarly articles about it.

      This is the URL to the site- … -Hair-Long

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      Hair as part of your sensory apparatus is well – established, but it’s body hair. Short hair is more prone to be easily disturbed. Head hair isn’t even wired in the same way – tug an arm hair, then a head hair. The sensitivity and localization is much less on the scalp than the arm.

      And try looking around that site – it’s just random anonymous uploaders, no reason to expect any kind of reliability.

      Not to mention the first sentence, which screams crackpot theory…

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      I’m with Darby, hairs certainly are sensory organs – and there are lots of data to that point in other species. That doesn’t mean the silly article your mother gave you has any substance – and it’s not obvious that long unwashed hair would have a better sensory fuction than short hair that, as in other species, can mechanically stimulate the base cell.

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