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      Hello, I am a new, eager, keen highschool kid who is extremely interested in Human Pheromones.

      My first question would be, can human pheromones be isolated? If so, how is this achievable?

      What is the difference between odour clues and human pheromones, and do human pheromones have a scent?

      I have quite a bit of information regarding Human Pheromones already, however, it all seems unreliable or differs from each other, so I am not quite sure what to believe!!

      I think that if I can get a process which isolates particular pheromones, and then run an experiment, as well as figure out if he VNO is actually a valid and working organ in the human body, I could get more clues about human evolution, as well as new methods to ensure long-lasting relationships…

      I know my ambitions are great, but I have a hypothesis, an aim, a method (although I do not know what exactly how I am going to carry out the experiment) and willingness to execute.


      From Down South, i.e, New Zealand
      Fast Sandslash

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      If you examine the information at my domain:, you can avoid useless searches. I wrote the first book about human pheromones and have published award winning journal articles both in neuroscience and in social science. Google Yahoo and Bing searches on "human pheromones" pull up my domain on the first page. How is it you missed it? Hope it helps.

      James V. Kohl

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      Thanks very much!! I have just been skipping odd sounding websites ‘cos most of them are scams… Anyways, I’ll check it out! Cheers for the info.

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      Your website differs from your paper, which I have studied intensely, as I believe it is a feasible, plausible article, backed up with good research. Check some of your recommended websites, since some still claim Androstenone is the pheromone which attracts women to men. Still, the ongoing debate about pheromones or odour clues, are they separate or one, still rages. I strongly believe still that every "pheromone perfume" is a hoax, and I also don’t intend to play with other people’s natural attraction, I am more intent on finding the perfect match for people by combining Pheromones, clues, behavioural aspects, preferences, etc. to "match" people up with "the one". Strangely enough, I am not at all interested in the sexual aspect of this research, rather the physiological effects and psychological changes that pheromones may induce. Nevertheless, I am not quite sure how pheromones can condition the visual sense, as being humans, our visual sense is more dominant. If pheromones sent "better" genetic information of humans when we were at early stages of evolution, then we would probably not at all care for how we look, however, especially since symmetry is important in attraction, visual clues seem to stand by itself strongly already. How does this add up? Perhaps further research into the field is needed. Despite all of this, I am reluctant to believe that Pheromones are extremely important in human attraction. Could you please show me some proof or some kind of evidence that human pheromones are as important as you suggested?

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