I am a “Confirmed Seer” due to a TBI in 2010.

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      Joseph T. Campbell

      Hello, I finally came across a web-site that could hopefully help me immensely. My head trauma occurred mid to the end of July 2010 in my garage when I rapidly stood up into the open, top, steal toolbox drawer with legs fully extended after collecting some tools from under the work bench. I was temporarily blinded by lights and colors I never knew existed with the sound of a nuke in my head as I dropped everything and flew into the wall. I never lost consciousness nor did I bleed. I was naive to concussions nor did I have insurance so it went unchecked and I iced it quite a bit. Well, after a short amount of time I totally forgot about the accident. Now, let’s fast forward to Oct.09.2010. That is the day I vomited bile while visiting Chicago and rushed myself to Christ Community Hospital in Oak Lawn Ill. Within 1/2 hr after having a CAT/CT (I forget) scan, I was informed that my brain was filled with blood and that I need immediate brain surgery NOW. My life was spared by God and a wonderful Brain surgeon named Dr. Lesley Schaefer I believe. Now, go back in time to around the time of the accident. That is when I developed a passion for collecting stones of all sizes and over time grew an ability to see art, faces with emotions that was chipped and even personalized if you will. Over the last 9.5 yrs I have studied upwards of 100K stones, thousands of photos of mountains, etc and have sent out over 100 letters to Academia, Brain Centers, Authors, Doctors, Movie Producers, etc, to no avail. I need help!! I have the most incredible gift in the world!! Please email me if you are any of the above or someone who could help me advance with the biggest secrets the world has ever seen. Sincerely Joseph T. Campbell AZ In closing, I did not ask for this! It has been the most brutal 10 yrs of my life, a force that only stops when I sleep. My house is a geology center with the finest art on stones imaginable!

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