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      This is my first year biology in college.
      Please help me on "sexual and asexual reproduction.
      See if I got them correctly.
      * sexual reproduction
      – offspring produced by 2 parent
      – method of reproduction: nuclear fusion, meiosis
      – ex) animal, plants, most fungi, some protists

      * asexual reproduction
      – offspring produced by 1 parent
      – methos of reproduction: a. prokaryotes – binary fission
      b. eukaryots – meiosis
      – ex) bacteria, yeast, straberry plant, aspen tree

      Am I right?
      I’m quite confused.
      Can anyone correct me and tell me more about "sexual and asexual production? Would you also give me some examples of those two productions?
      Thank you so much in advance.

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      about point b of asexual reproduction, are you sure that it’s meiosis?? because it will lead to chromosome reduction. Besides, there’re also another asexual reproduction like in protozoa (plasmodium) will use schyzogony.

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      MITOSIS.. 😆
      Yeah, eukaryots go through mitosis during asexual reproduction, huh?^^

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      Pretty much prokaryotes use asexual reproduction, and eukaryotes use either asexual or sexual or both. Mitosis is when cells replicate exact copies, which happens in your body all the time. So I would think that would also be asexual. Meiosis is the reduction division that makes a somatic cell (2 pairs of each chromosome) into a haploid gamete (the sperm/egg cell – 1 pair of chromsome, acheived by crossing over). So I’m not sure if that would actually go into the reproduction category, because it is after that when sexual reproduction happens. The two gametes fuse, forming a zygote. So maybe you should try to clear it up with your instructor and how he/she wants you to classify it.

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      Yes, however you spelled euryokates wrong and to add to aexual reproduction you could say that asexual reproduction invovles the union of one gamete and the offspring is genetically identical to the parent.

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      How can one gamete unite? Unite with what? 😆
      And it’s not even called gamete, it’s called a spore.

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      I was talking about sexual reproduction. Gametes are haploid cells (sperm and egg) with n number of chromosomes. When the sperm and the egg fuse, they form 2n somatic cells. I’ve seen it happen with sea urchins before. Asexual would be with spores if it was with plants, I believe. I’m not so sure about the spelling either. It is eukaryotes and prokaryotes, isn’t it? At least that’s the way it’s spelled in all my biology classes.

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