I’m taking the Sat subject test for Biology.

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      Due to circumstances, I have not been the best student I had the potential to be. My sister has recently convinced me that the only way to get out of the current situation I am is to do what she did. Go to a good college with a dorm. I have a better chance of finding a needle in a hay stack than getting into a good college but I want to try.

      RIght now I have Today (sunday) until friday night (6 days) to study for the Bio Sat subject test and Literature test.
      I’ve taken Bio before and I am in Biotech right now but I REALLY need help. I can do very well on the lit test without trying so I’m going to focus on Bio.

      The test will have 60 questions in ecological and 20 questions in either ecological or molecular.

      Please help me, I’m not sure where to start. Please use your knowledge to help me. Tell me what you think I should learn first and I will study that to no end. What key words should I know, what specifics should I know.

      Please please help me. This is my only chance, otherwise I have to go to a community and stay living at home in a very toxic environment and I can’t do it anymore.

      Please no negative thoughts about this. I know I have such a slim chance and my mother has already told me what I am trying to do is really stupid and I shouldn’t even try.

      Please lend me your knowledge.

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      you can do everything you want, if you try really hard 😉

      anyway, you should probably see some list of topics, which are needed for your test, because we can’t give you much advices, if we don’t know even the level…

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