I need help about cardiovascular system.

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      Here are questions. (True or False) , I know answers but I don’t know how to explain why for clearly. Can you guys help me how can I explain these five questions as much as detail you can, please ?

      1/ In the fetus, the pulmonary circuit is higher pressure due to lung compression – in the adult it is lower pressure. (True)

      2/ The placenta provides O2 and nutrition to the umbilical vein. (False)

      3/ the fastest pacemakers are found in the left atrial wall (F)

      4/ The left ventricular wall is thicker than the right one because it pumps more blood, further each contraction (F)

      5/ The allantoic duct drains wastes from the fetuses kidneys and large intestine. (T)

      Name a vascular and a non-vascular lumen that pass through or by the diaphragm.
      Vascular : vena cava, arota
      Non-vascular: esophagus
      Am I right?

      Thank You Guys..

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      Hi. If you really know the answers, you know why. Just state in your own words why you believe true is true and false is false. You will probably be fine with that.
      However, it would not be wise to state that you know because your friend gave you those answers, or you were able to get the T/F part from some old test but not the descriptive part.
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      I’m not so sure that those are the right answers…

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