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      okay so heres the midterm question i had today, and i want to know if i got it right or not …

      a single celled organism that contains a nucleus and can photosynthesize would be classified in a which DOMAIN?

      b. plantae
      c. archaea
      d. protista
      e. eukarya

      i answered b. plantae

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      Sorry, but most plants are not single celled.

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      February Beetle

      Plantea is a Kingdom of the Domain Eukarya I think and Eukarya is the only Domain that has a nucleus and Archaea and Bacteria domains have a “nuclear region” not a defined nucleus. I believe there are some protists that can photosynthesize. Are there no plants that are one-celled?

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      I’d say the awnser is e:Eukarya, as it is a domaine. Plantae is a kingdom. (and also because plants are multicellulare. there are many photosynthetic protists though, like diatoms and dinoflagellates.)

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      As it had been said the corrct answer is e.eukarya. Why?
      Well, first of all there are no single-celled plants, plus Plantae is a kingdom, not a domain(same with protista). Archea is excluded because it can not do photosynthesis. Bacteria is excluded because they do not have a nucleus. Eukarya is the domain where you will find unicellular algae and Euglena viridis than comply with all the conditions..
      PS: this is a midterm question? What year are you? It seems very easy..

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