Identification beteeen bacillus subtillis and bacillus megaterium?

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      Hi everyone,
      I was wondering if someone could possibly help me
      I’m in my first year of uni and one of my courses Is for microbiology

      I’ve been given bacteria that I need to identify through various tests
      I’m stuck between two bacterium for two specimens;

      Here are the tests I have done for both specamins done on TSA:

      1. It is a creamy white morphology that looks almost fluffy on TSA agar.
      Gram: positive
      Catalase: positive
      Oxidase: negative
      Indole test: orange
      Under the microscope there are small purple rods gathered in almost what look like clusters in big groups all tightly packed together

      2. A white creamy morphology too however they are round singular colonies in shape and have “rings” within each single colony
      Gram: positive
      Catalase: positive
      Oxidase: negative
      Indole test: yellowy
      Under the microscope they are rods arranged in singular long chains

      I feel like the first one is bacillus subtillis and the second one is bacillus megaterium

      As they are both positive in the starch test and all the information I can find online says they both hydrolyse protein on milk agar- I have no idea what tests to do In order to be certain which is which?

      If anyone could please offer me some help I’ve been losing my mind for a week 😕 🙁

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