Identifying gram negative bacillus(rod) bacteria

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      Hi, i’m currently studying biology in uni and i have this assignment about identifying bacteria using tests and agars

      I know how to identify gram +ve bacillus and cocci bacterias but i’m stuck in gram -ve rod bacterias
      There’s so many!!
      i catalogued them in oxidase -ve and +ve but i can’t narrow them down!

      Oxidase -ve: Samonella, Shigella E.coli, Klebsiella Enterobacter, Enterobacteriaceae, Narsinice, Serratia, Proteus, Citrobacter
      Oxidase +ve: Helicobacter, Campylobacter, Vibrio, Pseudomonase aeruginosa, Haemophilus, Bordetella parapertussis

      How do you identify them?

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      There are many other biochemical tests that can be performed anther easy one being a catalase test. There are a few good microbiology lab manuals out there.

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      I advise you organise the tests as a flow chart to make it more manageable. Those are too many tests to list in a post and all of the info would be available online and in lab manuals/textbooks. There are a number of lectures notes published online on this and the NHS also releases fact files on identifying organisms, such as this one on non-glucose fermenting gram negatives, which might be helpful: … opid17.pdf

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