Identifying unknown Gram- bacilli

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      Alright, so I have it narrowed down to Enterobacter aerogenes, Enterobacter cloacae, Enterobacter gergoviae, or Klebsiella pneumonia. So, its glucose fermenting, lactose fermenting, indole positive, citrate positive, methyl red negative, and Vogues-Proskauer postitive. Here’s the issue, though, I can’t do any tests that take longer than 24 hours to incubate because the lab is closed over the weekend and it’s due on Tuesday.
      Can anyone think of any other ways to differentiate? I could maybe try a motility test, to determine Klebsiella or Enterobacter but what next??! I’m so confused… lol
      The only option I can think of is an LDC and ODC test but then I’d have to beg for extra time. Any ideas?

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