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      i ran out of room in the topic bar. i was going to put student perspective

      so in the 1st quarter i got kicked out of chem because i was a "dangerous lab partner" (ok ok so i mixed all the chemicals in reach. i wouldve been safe(or so id like to think) i mean. i jumped back about three feet after adding something… it was stupid anyways. it didnt do anything besides reek up the room….. big disappointment)

      so i come back this quarter for a different science class..
      the teacher is talking on the first day of me being there about weather and he asked if we knew what cause it and i said, "weather is caused from the earths uneven heating and is produced in the tropospheare"

      he gave me a look that made me think he used to think i was retarded.

      if somebody acts stupid. it doesnt mean they really are. i read the F’en dictionary. (harsh letters are needed for strong feelings on such subjects)


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      i love it girl its great lol
      u crack me up

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      ^^ if you see a double post its cause my friend who is too lazy to make an account uses mine too

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      As a teacher,

      Great, you do not want me to assume your amount of intelligence. But in that case it seems that you deliberately broke safety rules that were probably taught in your first class, and you do not seem to have understood the lesson. It was stinky, you were lucky, you could have hurt someone.

      As for your answer, it was partly correct, but only partly. I don’t know what look your teacher gave you, and he should have just explained to you that your answer was only part of the answer. But maybe you dd not interpret correctly his/her look?

      And prof are not there to be cool, although it does not hurt, they ae in the classroom to teach you… If you want your prof’s respect, earn it. But I know that the prof also need to respect students and usually we do, but sometimes you make it hard…

      As for reading the dictionary, well anyone who can read can do that. Did you understand it? That would be the point…

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      of course i understood it.
      im huge on word. lol

      and i very well know it was only "partly correct".

      ive already taken this class with the same book, in the same section even… but in a different school… tho i still got a straight A.

      its labeled differently tho so im retaking it.

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      We haven’t seen how your teacher/prof looked at you anyway, but that’s the way you felt it eh? I think. We must also learn how to put ourselves in proper places. Try putting yourself in your teacher’s shoes and see what would you feel if you also happen to hear your own answer or if you were caught doing inappropriate things in the lab, it talks about safety there. Some teachers must be sensitive too not all of them are like that for sure. For your case, your teachers/profs doesn’t know that you’re such an orange person. They need to learn how is such an adventurous like you must be taught. 😉

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      sometime there are professor who are really rude to their students.. the rude one always apply the first impression last. i hate that kind of professor. just like you have no space to change at all. they always looking you down. now i graduated college and have a decent work a higher salary than them. who’s looking down now.

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      I would much rather take bad looks from a teacher as opposed to a teacher that is too lazy to provide access to copies of her own study guide’s answers. I wouldn’t be too bothered by a bad look by a teacher… It’s usually harmless, most likely some gas, you should judge a teacher by the education that you are receiving, or if you are in college, paying for.

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