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      Just wanted to post somewhere how useful this site is for me. 🙂 As a junior in high-school, I’m taking an advanced Zoology class, but I joined late in the week and everyone told me I would most likely be lost. When I took the book home to look over this new material, I indeed did not know what I was doing. When I did not understand a term or word (being the typical highschooler) I would google it. That’s when I came across this nifty little site, where all my questions were answered and all my wildest dreams came true. Thanks for your time. 😉

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      I, too, came across this website through searches on Google for Biology-related material. When I saw that the forum was powered by phpBB (a favorite bulletin board software of mine), I couldn’t help but register and become a member of the community. I am taking AP Biology this year, so I certainly expect to spend some time around the forums here in the near future. 😉

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      I have found this site to be very useful, probably not for the same reasons as you guys, but still very useful all the same.

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