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      How do you Immobilise a enzyme?

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      I’m not sure exactly what you mean by immobilize. I, however, have not yet studied Biology in college (I’m entering college this fall) but I have taken AP Biology, alas, my knowledge is still limited. I’m not certain as to how you could physically stop an enzyme from relocation (by you, I mean you as a human being, obviously biological systems can carry this out easily, and if you’re asking about how cells perform this function, please restate the question). However, if your goal is to stop the enzymes action, it depends on that specific enzyme. It is possible that you could find a hormone or a neurotransmitter that would be an inhibitor of a cell that releases that specific enzyme. Besides that, I’m not certain. Hope I was some help, if not, sorry.

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      Hello Draconi,
      If you are taking about enzyme immobilisation then just check out the following links….may be this is what you are looking for…. enzyme_electrode/Chapter1/page3a.htm

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