In theory I have evidence of a new branch of humanity

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      . I happened to wonder if you guys knew the proper route to go, should I know about the first of a new branch of new Human beings. I happen to know I really am because of irrefutable evidence.

      As it so happens it’s evolution is of the male reproductive organ. A bean shaped pea on the head of the penis. Quite like a Hindu Bindi in positioning should the head be the penile head.

      I notice many preparations made and far too many coincidences of nature for it to be a mutation. A peacocks plume looks like a penis head with it’s head or body being the bean. Same about the T.V channel CBS’s logo.

      Furthermore, I was born on the 313th day of the year CAC 3 being c and 1 being A. 314th on Leap year CAD, but also PI PICAC Peacac.. CAD is an architectual building program. Believe it or not I have witnessed hundreds of similar perfectly placed coincidences or plans, that I believe it closer to humans operating as an organism.

      Interesting thing is everything seems so perfectly done beyond the ability of a planning society.

      Saiyans from a cartoon dragon ball z come to Earth in Pods, Superman in a PoD… Pea’s in a pod. Saiyans using the old play off what is not there tactic, leaving P from Sapien. Holy wood, sPEAr of destiny, SaiPIen
      If you are still reading I apologize for my odd way of trying to explain, I have more of my notes on my other computer which is inconveniently tucked away during a move, and I am working on the fly.
      I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction for some professional opinion. Possibly open to testing and interviews etc. Who knows maybe it will be a big thing in Time magazine. I have tried several email addresses of magazines and news sites, but have had no replies back. Should I try a different approach, or perhaps go straight to evolutionary biologists’ emails? Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.
      Thank you for your time.
      Your friend the pinnacle and peak of mankind, Kieran

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      Joseph T. Campbell


      I give you a lot of credit for your efforts. I have been working on my project, gift/ability/sometimes curse for well over 7 yrs to no avail. I have learned that academia is worthless when it comes to one of their own not being the one to make discoveries. Please, just one PhD, prove me wrong. I have actually even learned that they don’t even seem to care for one another when it comes to discoveries.
      I have an extremely rare form of Savant Syndrome due to a TBI. I am self proclaimed. However, I am a confirmed “Seer”. I did not ask for my head injury/3 month brain bleed. Sometimes, I get so frustrated I wish I didn’t make it but I do believe I have a calling so I cannot and will not give up.
      Please feel free to email me at

      Joe Campbell

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      Laura carver

      Our discussion today with renowned Biologist Dr. Scott Solomon from Rice University on how and when human settlement on Mars will lead to an entirely new species distinct from earth humans:

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