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      Hey everyone, new here. It’s always good to find other intellectuals.
      I’m trying to use a topical to increase blood supply to tissues up to a few centimeters underneath the skin. A couple of problems/questions:

      -I don’t want to cause any muscle relaxation like you’d get from heat so I’d need to know by what mechanism heat actually relaxes muscle so I can avoid that mechanism. It wouldn’t seem to make sense that increased blood flow alone would relax muscle.

      -When someone applies a rubefacient ( something that increases blood flow to the skin, turning it red), what effect does this have on the underlying tissue? Is blood supply increased radially from where the rubefacient was applied and thereby increasing blood flow to underlying tissue (I’m thinking up to a few centimeters of muscle) or is blood supply essentially being stolen locally in order to bring it to the skin?

      Thanks in advance for any answers or discussion!

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      Thanks for post It’s good to find other intellectuals.

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      yes ,thx for the is good start .

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