Interphase – diff between G1 and G2?

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      I have commonly read:
      G1: cell grows
      S: DNA replication
      G2: replicate organelles

      However, If you look at 1:20 of this short clip:

      It says something like "the difference between G1 and G2 is that; G1 produces DNA and protein, but G2 produces RNA and protein"

      Can someone please explain what they think that means?


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      the differences between G1 and G2 depend on the organism you are discussing. Some yeasts spend most of their life in the G2 cells, whereas most human cells spend most of their life in G1. RNA and protein synthesis occur all throughout interphase. DNA is only synthesized in S phase.

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      Thanks for the reply…

      So then the same processes would be occuring in the G1 and G2 states then? But in G2 cells, the nucleus would contain a duplicated genome?

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      Ok I think I figured it out…

      During G1, the cell makes dNTPs in preparation to be used during the S phase (DNA replication). In G2, I think these pathways are turned off.

      So to sum up:

      The cell is always making RNA and protein (ie. always doing transcription and translation). But DNA is replicated only in the S phase, and dNTPs are only made in the G1 phase.

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