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      Currently I’m in a dilema…
      I was graduated in BSc Bioinformatics last year…
      Programming is not for me, especially developing a software with an algorithm(a lot of mathematical stuff) etc…
      I was thinking to go back to my 1st love-genetics.
      But my academic advisor doesnt really encourage me to do so.
      She told me that in order to do MSc in genetics ,I need to have a very strong genetics background.
      Do you guys think so?

      Now I plan to do a MSc Biotech more on molecular biology with taught courses (because I have no idea how to find a research title on biotech).
      Would it be tough for me to catch up since I didnt focus much about molecular biology in my BSc bioinfo?

      If its too late to turn back, then I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact.
      Thank you very much.

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      bioinfomatics is a huge part of genetics. If you understand information theories you should understand genetics. No one in genetics really works with the chemistry aspect anymore. That’s more in the domain of cellular biologists.

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      Yes, I think you can. Just do it!

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      Thank you very much…
      cheers~~ everyone~~~ 😀

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