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      I have read quite a bit about the evolutionary theory and the supposed evidence for it are fossils meaning past similarities between animals and present similarities between animals for example. but that isn’t the proof for macroevolution it is just proof for the statement "past and present animals share similarities". microevolution was and can be easily proven by looking
      at animals like fruitflies who can be "born" in different colours for example. but fruitflies still remean fruitflies, just different variation of fruitflies and the variation that is the most succesful in a certain environment survives. what is the proof for macroevolution? for fish evolving into land animals or vice versa? how did that work? if you claim that it happened due to genetic mutation you would need a lot of crippled animals animals that are incomplete because the chance that coincidentally the necessary base pairs "mutated" is extremly low especially if you claim that it happened millions of times over and over again the likeliness gets to a ridicolously low amount. you would need like millions of base pairs in the right position if you only make one mistake you get a crippled animal because the base sequence would translate into something wrong resulting in a crippled leg or weak bones or whatever. where are the fossils of all the crippled animals who died because they couldnt survive in that crippled state? the animals that did have parts that seem to have no function still were perfectly functioning they were no cripples. there has to be a state between perfect and perfect which is crippled, the mutation that supposedly happened over time. if you say only perfectly functioning animals existed again, how could that happen? this is almost like telling me that a sand castle was created by animals and weather coincidentally forming the sand. yes it is possible but extremly unlikely so unlikely that I could savely say it never happend and will never happen. Sorry for writing a bit chaotically but my main question is: what is the proof for evolution? like the evolution from one species into another.

      thank you for reading my text and for your answers in advance.

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