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      I’t been a while since I used to visit this forum but as my lab activity started again I came back, I remember there was a topic, or even a section about the mistakes students make in everybody’s lab. I think it would be very useful to stick it up in my lab and I would be grateful if u could link me there.
      I tryed to look for it but didn’t manage…..not such a great result for a "researcher" I agree 🙄

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      Perhaps your school or department had already a list of the proper decorum that you must observe while performing in a lab therefore preventing you from making mistakes.

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      Thanks, but what I was looking for it was a section of funny story about mistakes that students make, but maybe it was on another forum.

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      I once got dye on my hands I couldn’t remove. The bastard teacher pretended it was permanent, by doing so embarrassed me in front of the whole class. 👿

      It would have been nice if he put his energy into actually teaching instead.

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      Last year, one of my students was finishing her day’s work on a medical microbiology lab course. We had used Bunsen gas burners to sterilize stuff and she had still the burner on and the air vents open, so that the blue flame of the burner was practically invisible in the bright light of the lab.

      She then started to clean up the workbench using a 70% ethanol spray bottle and didn’t notice she still had the burner on…

      …so she practically turned her spray bottle into a flame thrower and not only created a huge fire ball from the bottle as the spray got into fire but also ignited the alcohol already on the workbench, incinerating her own and her partner’s lab notes.

      The flames died off very quickly of course and nobody got hurt, but the girls at the workbench served a good example of work safety in the lab (or the lack of it…)

      The whole event still makes me laugh, though. The expression on her face and the high-pitched girly ‘eeeeeeeeekk!!!’ were just priceless 😛

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      One teacher told us, that someone was working with some chloroform or something and put it into fridge, probably not properly closed. It was leaking and during night (or even weekend? 😆 ) it did blow 😀 The fridge was totally crashed and as well also the lab 😀

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