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      Hi everyone,

      I have to do a research about “DNA laser printing” for school.

      The only company that seems working in such a field is “Cambrian Genomics”.

      The final purpose of the company is being able to print any DNA sample.

      The founder of the said in a interview “If you want to build a creature right now, what you would do is you would log on to website “Genome Compiler”, you would design an organism just by dragging and dropping this Lego DNA pieces. That information is sent to our printer and we would print out the DNA for you.”

      From what I have understood, the company uses a microarray technology to synthesize thousands of DNA sample, and laser is a means of selecting the correct ones (they use “laser capture microdissection” = “laser pulse catapulting” = “laser induced forward transfer”).

      I am asked to provide a detailled analysis of the technology used.

      However, the company seems to be not professional and finding information about its technology is difficult, especially for me given the fact I do not study science.

      I found a patent over the technology used by Cambrian Genomics but I do not understand anything.
      It is called “method and apparatus for producing sequence verified DNA”.
      Here is the link :

      Have you ever heard of a similar project I could focus on?
      Could you suggest to me some articles that describe the DNA printing process?
      Do you have any tips on what to look for first?

      Thanks a lot for reading !

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