LC!: British Girls Vs. Scandie’s

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      Some of my friends just got back from a trip to London. I asked them how it had been etc, and they had a great trip! 😀

      One of my friends however, was not very impressed with the looks of the english girls (in general). Of course, there where some very beaeutifull girs over there, but he was not very satisfied with "the good- looking/ average-looking" – ratio, compered with Scadinavian girls.

      I have only been in England once (about three years ago), and I must admit, he had a point.

      So, we began discussing: Why?

      At first, we discussed cultural differenses. Maybe British male’s would prefer "the british looks" > the scandi looks. In my oppinion, this dosen’t seem very likely, ie. i can look at a clarly "non- scandinavic" women, and conclude that she is pretty. Also, if i take a look at "statues"/ bust(?) or reconstructions of say, the aciant Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and conclude that she was likely a beautifull women.

      Later, one of us proposed a rather radical hypophysis: Around 800- 1000 AD, the Vikings (Scandinavian countrys) plunderd all of Britain, not only stealing gold, but also beutifull women. He proposed that our "ancestors" simply stole "the good genes" for 200 years from the british. Also, there is no doubt the vikings did rape many british women, laying behind our "ugly genes" (no problem guys 😉 ) 🙄
      Although I want to belive this, I can’t, simply becouse Britan did dominate the world some centuries later, undoubtly bringing home exotic beauties.

      Other factores were also discussed (fish & chips, The weather etc. )

      some thoughts?

      Edit: This thread is very low content, and might also be considerd sexist. If mod. want’s to hit me hard with he’s Ban- Hammer, I completly understand.

      EDIT2: I just realized there is an Of- topic section, this tread might do better in OT…

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