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      Hi All:

      I need to know about the whole genome linkage disequilibrium method.
      What is it? explain in details please because i went though books but i was not able to understand.
      How to perform it ?
      Is it a usefull method?

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      Linkage is established when a certain genetic marker (say a RFLP or a SNP), ie a genotypic trait, is inherited consistently through generations in a family together with a phenotypic trait, say a disease like type II diabetes (or non-insulin dependent diabetes). If the genetic marker and the phenotypic marker always coincide there is linkage disequilibrium whereas when the inheritance of genetic markers and phenotypic traits is not consistent this is linkage equilibrium. Linkage disequilibirum is usually expressed in a LOD or log of the odds score meaning that if some marker has a LOD score of three it is a thousand times more likely to be biologically relevant than any random marker which has LOD score of 0; even negative LOD scores may appear.

      If anyone can correct me on this, please do.

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