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      Hello all, i am new and i got here by something that is eating my brain in this last days…


      i am in the last year of biology, i am from brazil and i studied some computer eng. too before so bioinformatics is my area, but the point is… i cannot find a job 🙁 i love what i do, but here in my country is not the best place to be a biologist…….. so i am starting to think about going abroad but then comes the second problem, i’ve been sendin e-mails all over the world to institutes like SANGER, LUDWIG and so on, and they don’t even respond me… i would even work for free for sometime until i could have a something to help with the costs but nobody answer. i am desperated, cuz i am starting to realise that i am not going to be able to work with this and i will probably have to drop biology cuz i need a Job.

      i am here just to ask if you know any institute that accept placements or anything else anywhere in the planet even the moon is fine 😀

      i don’t know how it is for biologists outside brazil cuz i never worked abroad but here is really hard to find a job in the area… i lived in some other countrys before so i think i can manage it easily, i am sure i will manage it better than staying here unemployed 🙁

      thank you !

      Crstiano fontes

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      huh, i thought i would find something about carrier protein here..

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      read my sticky on job outlooks, we’re probably not going to be able to help much, not that we don’t want to help.

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      damien james

      What was your major besides biology? If is just general bio then you should get teaching certificate. If is to do with computers also, then you need programming certificate to write systems for bioinformatics.

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