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      I wonder if any of you good people have an idea to the approximate % of cells in the liver that are leukocytes? I am interested in the mouse model but perhaps generally this is similar for humans and other mammals..

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      Leukocytes that come from the blood into the liver are transformed into Kupffer cells.
      On the basis of this image here
      I would say Kupffer cells represent maybe about 10% of all liver cells.

      Kupffer cells and hepatocytes are two main cell types in the liver


      On this page … .21060/pdf
      there is one diagram according to which hepatocytes represent 60-80% of all liver cells and all other cells represent 20-40%, from which lymphocytes represent 25%.

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      Kupffer cells and Hepatocytes are very important for the liver. However I heard from liver specialists that there are 60 different types of cells in the liver. For this reason it will be very difficult to make artificial liver using stem cells.

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      The liver has a unique dual blood supply with arterial blood delivered via the hepatic arteries and venous blood from the gut via the portal veins. This complex supply is necessary to allow nutrients from the gut to be transported to the liver, which is thus constantly exposed to gut-derived antigens in the portal blood. Because portal blood also presents a route through which infectious organisms can enter the liver, specific mechanisms have evolved to allow rapid and selective immune responses within this tissue. … 0027a.html


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