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      Dear Biologist,

      As a part of my thesis research on analyzing scientific discourse, I am looking for biologists (anyone with a MSc in Biology qualifies) to participate in an online classification task. The task consists of the classification of a set of 104 sentence fragments into one of seven categories, through an online multiple-choice questionnaire. If you want to participate, please send me an email at a.dewaard@elsevier.com, and I will send you instructions. Anyone who finishes the survey receives a $15 Amazon gift certificate.

      I will use the results of the test for my thesis work on determining linguistic features of key argumentational elements in biological text. If you are interested in further details of my work, I would be delighted to share them with you after your completing the task, to prevent a bias in your classification behavior.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      With kind regards,

      Anita de Waard

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      Dear Biologist,
      We are conducting now a research regarding DNA methylation of Banana as induce-mutated by 2,4-D levels,,Specifically the different 2,4-D levels were used as reagents in the media composition in the tissue culture.I would like to ask what will be the hypothesis with regards to that..Honestly, we haven’t understand the DNA methylation deeply.thank you very much.
      It would be very helpful to us. A kind appreciation is the simple thing we give you. God bless.

      Aldrin Y. Cantila
      University of Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center, Genetics and Molecular Biology

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      would like to participate

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