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      pls if u know
      what happen to the cell if the lysosome membrane is damaged

      pls answer me if any 1 knows

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      Well, if you mean damaged so much, that it will release the content (can something like that happen anyway?), than the content will be released 😆 and because there are lot of hydrolytic enzymes, all the stuff will be degraded. Now is question, how severe the damage will be (basically it should affect "only" cytosol, but there is still lot of stuff to destroy), so either the cell will die or will be faster and destroys the hydrolytic enzymes and repairs everything.

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      probably nothing will happen, since those hydrolases are only active in an a acidic environment

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      in the choice of answer i have 4 choices
      1.Mutations in the genetic material in the cell
      2.Overproduction of protein in the cell
      3.Analysis of cell proteins
      4.Increase the frequency of cell division
      the basic qus is
      What will be the direct result of injury in the cell membranes lysosom

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