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      I don’t know if this is even possible, but I am writing a paper on evolution in school and I was wondering if it is possible to determine a mathematical difference between organisms. Specifically:
      the difference between Eucaryotic organisms and Hominids and the difference between the first Hominids to be found and the first Homo Sapiens to be found.

      For instance lets say an ape is a number 25 and modern day humans are a number 26, the difference genetically would be a factor of 1. (just for an example) What would the aproximate numerical difference be between the mentioned organisms.


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      There might be…but I’ve never heard of it. There is the Hardy-Weinberg equation, but that only measures for one trait frequency in one species and location.

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      One method might involve calculating the differences in the genomes. For example, there’s a commonly quoted statistic that humans’ closest relative is the chimp because they share 95% of their DNA or something.

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