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      I have a few questions to answer any ideas?
      On the lifecycle of a simple organism that reproduces both sexually and asexually
      a) the cell at stage A containes 16 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will there be in an asexual spore and in Cell C?
      b) explain why-the cells produced by stage B will be gentically identical and the cells produced at stage A will all be genetically different?
      (It is a diagram try to picture 3 circles in a vertical line middle one being labelled B and the bottom one labelled A, the top one has no label then to the left in between A and B is a circle labelled C
      Sorry not very clear can I somehow draw it? Tried to add the drawing in add attachment


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      i do not understand with stage A,B.
      can u describe more detail?or maybe u have the picture about this to illustrate this.

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      Try to draw it or something.
      I couldn’t get it.

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